What To Consider To Brew Your Best Coffee

Here are few tips to make your next cup of coffee even better. 


Use Fresh Coffee

Moments after the freshly roasted coffee beans are out of the roasting machine, they will start to release their aroma and natural oils. After opening your bag of coffee, as time passes, the coffee loses its vibrancy within a month or two. Also, always use freshly coffee before making your coffee.

Use A Scale To Find The Right Brew Ratio

Using a scale helps you to find the right ratio of coffee to water for your desired taste. For our blends we recommend about 26 grams (2 Tbsp) of coffee for every 300 grams of water, but if you are bold go ahead and add more coffee to have that extra kick.

Use Good Water

Using good quality tap water or filtered water will make huge difference in the taste of your coffee.

Grind Size

The right grind size is essential in bring out the focused flavours of your coffee. If the grind size is off, the extracted coffee will taste subpar. A uniform coarse grind size is ideal for pour over, drip, and french press coffees. We recommend using a burr-style grinder rather than a blade grinder to grind coffee uniformly.